what's your sign?



biggest vice?



favorite song to jam to?

How Sweet It Is - James Taylor


what would be your yearbook superlative?

Most likely to curse while holding pigeon



"Yoga" for Chelsea is a multifaceted thing; Allowing the physical practice to work itself on you, finding the balance between effort and ease, strength and flexibility, and learning that when you fall out of it you’ll bounce back, not shatter, and to always, always come back to your breath for that will lead you home.

Chelsea's yoga practice started as something to help her physical body recover from injury and prevent further damage. What started as going to a power flow class four times a week turned into something much more intimate and transformative then she could have ever imagined. Curiosity started to creep up and she kept showing up on her mat, to explore, to feel, to sit, to move, and to find the balance in between all of it.

After completing her 200RYT in 2016 with Josie Schweitzer and Thank Yoga Studio she feels more connected to her practice and the yoga community in Columbus than ever before. Chelsea is inspired by a number of different styles including Kundalini, Pranayama, and Katonah Yoga and likes to infuse what she has learned into a well rounded vinyasa-style class. She hopes to foster self-awareness in all of her students so they may grow in their practice both on and off the mat.

Outside of teaching you can catch her running (literally) around Columbus, or hanging with her dog Zoe. She loves traveling (especially road trips!) and often takes the opportunity to seek out workshops and trainings in new cities around the United States.