what's your sign?



biggest vice?

shopping + thrifting


favorite song to jam to?

at the moment I am crushing on Mr. Frank Ocean


what would be your yearbook superlative?

most likely to play The Cure during a class (oh whoops, already did that)



Though her yoga practice can be many things, what keeps Julie coming back to the mat is that certain therapy she finds in breath, movement and expression. Equal parts structure and impulsivity, her personal practice and teaching creatively explore varied ways to look at poses, operating under the philosophy that we are in some way different each time we show up to move.

Julie’s love for movement, form and physical challenge began at an early age by way of gymnastics. Her classes tend to be athletic in an effort to calm the restless mind, so we can then sit with ourselves in the present. And knowing that working through life on the mat isn’t always easy, she strives to be approachable and cultivate an encouraging energy in the studio (and in life).

Thank Yoga has long been a home to Julie, and was further engrained in her life when she completed her 200 hour teacher training at Thank in 2016.