what's your sign?



biggest vice?

I'm convinced that the reason I will never truly be an adult is that if there are cookies/cakes/brownies in my house I will eat them for every meal.


favorite song to jam to?

Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners


what would be your yearbook superlative?

Most likely to curse while teaching. I'm sorry in advance for my salty vocabulary. 



There are many things Melissa believes to be true: pizza is the perfect food, no one accomplishes anything alone, the key to happiness is self-awareness, and you don’t always have to take the hardest route. This last belief is evident in her teaching style, which heavily emphasizes the importance of efficiency and effectiveness.

In each and every one of Melissa’s classes you will experience purposefully designed sequences with a focus on functional anatomy and alignment. It is through an ever-expanding understanding of the human body that you can continue to grow your practice in ways that truly benefit you.

She is a big fan of "riding the wave," in practice, but more importantly in life. She never planned on being a yoga teacher, until she was. She never planned on owning a studio, until she did. And she never would have ended up here had she stuck with the plan.