The 7 Best OPI Nude Gel Colors To Suit Every Skin Tone

Gel polish is available in hundreds of shades, but not every shade suits every skin tone. For example, the bright and flashy colors suit people with fair skin, whereas tanned-skinned people prefer matte shades. But, if there is one gel polish shade that suits all skin tones, it is the nude gel color. OPI nude gel colors are available in exciting, flattering shades to complement all skin tones. Let us now discuss the best OPI colors.

Top 7 OPI Nude Gel Colors to Suit Every Skin Tone

The light brown nude colors

The best feature of the light brown nude colors is that they suit all types of skin tones. The tanned-skinned women love it because it gels beautifully with their skin color. On the other hand, the fair-skinned ladies adore these neutral colors because of the beautiful contrast they display. OPI has exquisite shades of the light brown nudes in Cliffside Karaoke and Bonfire Serenade.

The pink and peach neutrals

The pink neutrals suit the light-colored skin more than the darker hues. The pink or peach colors are favorites of women globally because these colors are the closest to the natural nail color. Sometimes, you feel that you have not applied any color. While these colors look excellent on fair skin, darker-skinned women can also have these beautiful shades on their nails to enhance their overall attractiveness.

The best base for the French manicure

Nowadays, the French manicure is trending globally. It is one of the best gel manicures, provided you choose the color combinations well. The nude neutral colors like light brown or pink are perfect bases for the white tip of the French manicure. The beauty of these base colors is that they mix well with the skin color and the French manicure tip shines beautifully on the nails.

The light cream and the whites

Generally, people think that the nude neutral colors comprise the browns and the pinks alone. However, it is not so. The creamy gel polish and the off-white finish qualify as nude colors for extremely fair-skinned women. During ramp walks, you can find various models and film actors wearing these creamy white nude neutrals. OPI offers one of the best creamy white nude shade combos. For example, the OPI Coastal Sand-tuary and Tiramisu for Two are two excellent creamy shades you can try.

The baby pink is innocence personified

No color is better than baby pink when comparing nude neutral gel polish colors. The baby pink exudes innocence and makes you instantly lovable as people keep adoring your nails. You can try out a double shade with the baby pinks at the tips and a darker shade of pink as the base. It is a heavenly combination that can make heads turn. You can rely on OPI colors to offer one of the best ranges of pink shades to suit every occasion.

The pearly pinks

Another nude gel polish color that is perfect for the beachside is pearly pink. OPI has beautiful shades in its Malibu collection, Swell of Shells, where you can choose from the most exciting range of nude natural gel polish finishes. We suggest going for a glossy finish if you decide on the pearly pink shades because the shine emitted by these colors can be most enchanting.

The light lavender is perfect for teenagers

Choosing your gel nude nail polish according to your skin tone is a beautiful idea. However, teenagers love to match their nail colors with their dresses. So, the light lavender shade should be perfect for your dancing gown if you are getting dressed for the dance party. Besides, the light shade glows beautifully to make you the center of attraction.

Wrap it Up

Nude neutral colors are preferable any day for nails because they match your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty. Secondly, the colors discussed in this article suit every attire and occasion. For example, you can have these beautiful neutral shades for a wedding. Similarly, these beautiful nudes can see you ace business meetings with complete confidence. Simultaneously, they also serve as the best vacation and party wear choices. In short, these all-purpose neutral nude gel polish colors should be in every women’s cosmetic makeup kit. So, if you are looking for the best nude neutral gel polish shades, you need not look beyond OPI.