The Most Reliable Makeup Routine For Oily Skin Type

Oily skin is extremely hard to tackle. It tends to produce a lot of sebum and sticky secretions. These not only ruin the health of your skin but also makes it quite difficult to apply makeup. The oily layer washes away the applied products and sometimes leaves unattractive patches on the skin. It may also cause acne and pimple breakouts.

People with oily skin complain that after doing makeup, it starts dripping out like sweat and ruins their entire effort. We brought to you a very simple and effective makeup routine for people with oily skin. This will not only help them control their oil production but will also allow their makeup to last all day long.

How to prepare your skin for makeup

For oily skin, prepping your skin is an important step. First of all make sure your skin is completely clean. You can use a good cleanser to get rid of all the oil deposits. Wipes can also help you out in this regard. Using the best facial wipes for oily skin will be very helpful for you. Keep them with you so you can wipe out any excess oil whenever it is produced. These are effective in absorbing oil trapped in your skin cells. You will also need them at the end of the day to remove your makeup. So they are an essential requirement for oily skin.

Once your skin is completely clean, you can move on to the primer. Choose a mattifying plus hydrating primer. Apply it all over your face and let it sit for a while before applying makeup products.

Steps you need to follow while doing makeup

Now coming to the actual makeup. First of all comes the base or foundation. It is emphasized to use a foundation that gives a more matte finish. It should also have a buildable coverage so it won’t wash off with the oil produced from your skin.

You can set your foundation with a mineral or loose setting powder. Tap it gently and blend it well using a soft sponge or brush. It will seal all the oil glands in place and won’t let them secret excessively.

Finally, a setting spray can do wonders in giving a long life to your makeup. In this particular case, you should go for the best mattifying setting spray for oily skin. It will give a natural matte look to your skin and won’t let the oil create a shiny cast. Spray it all over your face and you are all set with a beautiful makeup look.

How to control your oil production

There are few things that can help you in controlling the sebum and oil production.

First is the selection of non comedogenic products. Any product that is occlusive and clogs pores will trigger the skin cells and increase the production of oil. So make sure all your makeup products are free from any such property.

Effective hydration can also help in controlling oil production. Use a good moisturiser regularly. Especially while doing makeup, apply a generous amount of moisturiser first.

Eat healthy food which includes vegetables and fruits. These are high in antioxidants and help in purification of skin cells. Purified oil glands will produce less oil and toxins. As a result, skin will look more fresh and radiant.


Oily skin might look hard to handle but actually, there are just a few things you need to do smartly. You just need to be vigilant about the choice of your products and how you apply them. Few simple tips and tricks will allow you to get the perfect makeup look despite having oily skin. We tried to incorporate all the useful ideas in the article so you can get maximum benefit from it. Follow these and forget the worries of oily skin.