Tricks To Maintain Your Dip Powder Manicure

Dipping powder manicure is not a novelty anymore because the procedure has been there for more than a couple of decades. Today, you have more women preferring dip powder manicures to other procedures because of the inherent benefits of using dipping powder.

Firstly, you get quality products like OPI dip powder easily online. Secondly, OPI dip powder color comes in a range of colors. Thirdly, dip powder manicure is as strong as acrylic and lasts comfortably long. Besides, the application procedure does not take much time. There is no need to use a UV lamp for curing the polish. Thus, you avoid exposure to UV radiation. However, you should know how to maintain your dip powder manicure properly and ensure that it lasts long. These simple tricks should help you in this regard.

Tricks to Maintain Your Dip Powder Manicure

Check out the consistency of dip powder

Before you start using the dip powder on your nails, it is better to check the powder for its consistency. There should not be lumps of powder inside the bottle because it will affect the manicure greatly by making it uneven.

The solution is to go for quality products like OPI dip powder. Quality products ensure that the powder is dry and even spread inside the bottle. Besides, it is advisable to shake the bottle well before using it to ensure uniform application.

Look for the ingredients in the dip powder catalog

Cheap dip powder products can have inferior polymer filler for boosting the formulation. These fillers reduce the pricing but also affect the quality of the manicure. One should check the ingredients to ensure there are no cheap additions. The ideal solution is to go for quality products like OPI dip powder. These products do not have any cheap ingredients.

Go for the correct bottle size

Your nail size matters a lot when choosing your dip powder bottle. Unfortunately, you get small dip powder bottles on the market that can prove inadequate if you have long nails. The trick is to ensure that the bottle length is greater than your nails. Then, it allows for enough space to dip your nails into the bottle comfortably.

Follow the right techniques to get the best manicure

Generally, nail salon technicians dip your finger into the dip powder bottle and allow the powder to stick to the basecoat. Though it is a universal method, it is not the most hygienic. In addition, you stand the risk of contracting nail infections if the person dipping her finger into the bottle had one.

The solution is to carry your OPI dip powder to the nail salon. An alternative is to have your dip manicure at home. It is also advisable to pour the dipping powder on your nails using a wooden spoon. Then, you can use your brush to spread the polish gently on your nails.

Having a thin basecoat is advisable

The dip powder manicure is different from a gel polish manicure. It involves having multiple layers of dipping powder on the nail. A thick basecoat will result in thicker nails and increase the chances of manicure damage. However, you should also note that the basecoat dries quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to have one more layer over the first stroke to allow OPI nail dipping powder color to stick to it comfortably. Therefore, it is not good to have more than two layers of basecoat applications.

Stay away from your cuticles

Your cuticles can come in the way of an excellent dip manicure. First, cuticles can damage the manicure by causing the polish to lift. The best practice is to push the cuticles into their grooves using an orangewood cuticle pusher. Secondly, you should have a gap of a millimeter or two from the edge of the basecoat to the base of your nail. It ensures that the dip powder does not stick to the cuticles.

Remove your dip powder manicure like a pro

Removing the dip powder manicure is an art that requires practice to master. The best procedure to remove your dip powder is to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for soaking the nails in acetone. Secondly, you should refrain from pushing at the polish layers too hard. A nail file can help the powder layer to slide off easily.

Using a bit of heat can help the powder slide off easily. For example, you can warm a towel and use it to generate heat on your nails. It will help the polish layer slide off smoothly without damaging the nails.

Final Thoughts

Dipping powder manicure is a treat to have. However, following the right procedure and maintaining the manicure is crucial. It helps to make your dip powder manicures last long enough. Then, you can proudly show off your dip powder nails to your loved ones and have a great time soaking in the admiration.