The Beautiful Shades Of OPI Gel And Nail Sets

OPI nail polish is one of the leading nail companies in the fashion industry. They are popularly known for their beautiful and long-lasting nail polishes. OPI nail polish is steps ahead of the regular polishes you use in rank. In addition, OPI nail polishes last three weeks without wearing off averagely.

OPI is also known for its excellent gel polishes. Gel polishes are similar to nail lacquers, but they produce a glossier finish than regular polishes. OPI means Odontorium Products Inc., which has its headquarters in California.

OPI has different categories of products from their stalls. They manufacture nail care products generally. There are also some nail polish categories from OPI like OPI nail polish set, nail kits, duos, etc. Some of the classes are below.

OPI Gel and Lacquer Combo

OPI is known for its excellence in the products; some of the most purchased product categories from OPI are their Gel and Lacquer Combo, which is also called duos.

The combos are made of combinations of nail products you can use together to give your nails a vibrant look. The initiative behind these combos is to relieve customers of the stress of learning what product can be used with another product; the company already matched the right products together, and you can buy them to use.

OPI have various gel and lacquer combos, here we will discuss the HRM which is quite popular:

Let’s take an elfie combo (HRM09)

The Let’s take an Elfie Combo is a matching set of gel color and nail Lacquer that includes a bottle of OPI gelcolor and a bottle of OPI lacquer that the two bottles are 0.5 oz each.

The combo is a 3-step system which is safe on skin and gives a lasting result.

Gingerbread man can combo (HRM06)

The Gingerbread Man Can combo is another well-known combo from OPI. It has a simple theme giving an excellent color between the ginger color and the brown color. This combo also uses the 3 step system, and the result is a lasting nail Lacquer that does not peel off.

Dressed to the wines combo (HRM04)

The dressed-to-the-wines combo is one of the most sought OPI combos. The theme color of this combo is like the wine color making this combo a perfect one to wear to a ball or party. This combo also uses the 3 step system, which makes it last longer.

Red-y for the holiday’s combo (HRM08)

The Red-y for the holiday’s combo is a specially curated combo for the holiday season. This combo’s final result gives a cool reddish look that makes the nails elegant. The combo includes a bottle of OPI gel color and a bottle of OPI lacquer. And it is also a 3 step system for the application.

Heart and coal combo (HRM12)

The Heart and Coal combo is available in different parts of the world. The combo is themed with an excellent color that looks between the matte black and the coal color. It is a beautiful color that is best suited for the winter season. The combo includes a bottle of gelcolor and a bottle of nail lacquer. 

OPI Gel Nail Sets

Also, OPI manufactures other product categories like the OPI nail sets. The OPI nail sets are similar to the OPI gel and lacquer combo, except that the groups have more products than combos most times. Some of the best OPI nail sets are below:

Hollywood Collection Infinite Shine 4 Piece Mini Pack

The Hollywood Collection Infinite Shine Pack is released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of OPI. The pack includes ProStay Primer, Hollywood, and Vibe; I’m an actress, and ProStay gloss. The glamour inspires the collection in Hollywood, and it is very suitable for a red carpet occasion.

Infinite Shine ProStay Duo Pack

This pick contains Infinite Shine Primer and Top Coat using the new ProStay technology. This pack would ensure higher gloss, higher shine, with minor chipping. This pack also has a strong stocking power.

Mexico City Collection Infinite Shine Colour Trio

The Mexico City Collection Infinite Shine Colour has three products in the pack. The pack offers a new range of colors, and the products in the group include premium gift boxes and sleeves, and so on.

Shine Bright Collection Lunar New Year Nail Lacquer Trio Pack

The Shine Bright Lunar Collection is a collection curated specially for holiday seasons with a sophisticated and bold theme. The pack includes Nail Lacquers 15ml with shades of either Ice or Naughty, Red-y for a holiday, and This Gold Sleighs Me. This pack also comes with gifts of Nail glue and OPI x Swarovski “Year of the Ox.”


OPI is a leading company in the nail care industry. There are still several other Duos, Combos, Sets, Kits, and Collections from OPI nails. OPI cares deeply about customers satisfaction, and that is what made them make the specially organized Combos and Kits that would make it easier for customers to do self manicure and pedicure.