Fashion Essentials For Pregnant Women

Styling yourself or getting a makeover during pregnancy sounds like a fun activity for most women. Painting the nails for hours can be relaxing, but who would have thought that something as negligible as nail polish can have consequential effects on you during your pregnancy.  Researchers have found that nail polishes contain certain harmful chemicals that are deemed to be unsafe for the fetus growing inside you. It is not worth taking the risk. So let us help you guide through a few essentials you must know to provide yourself a happy & safe pregnancy.

Which Nail Polish Safe for Use?

Most nail polishes in the market are formulated with three toxic chemicals- Dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene. Exposure to these chemicals for an extended period can cause irreversible effects on you and your fetus. Starting from headaches, itchy eyes to reproductive issues, the adverse effects are endless. Now let’s discuss how each of the chemicals could be harmful to you.

1. Dibutyl Phthalate – Most commonly known as DBD, this specific chemical have shown to cause improper hormonal production in women. Additional studies have confirmed that DBD has a potential impact on miscarriage and other congenital disabilities.

It is highly recommended to avoid anybody’s product that contains DBD in their ingredient list.

2. Formaldehyde – The risks of exposure to formaldehyde include spontaneous miscarriages, gestational diabetes, preterm deliveries, and many more. It is for the best to stay away from such products, especially during the perinatal period of pregnancy.

3. Toluene – exposure to toluene during pregnancy can cause growth and mental disabilities in the baby. Other health effects include liver and kidney damage, reproductive malfunctioning, irregular heartbeat, or even death.

We understand your concern, and there is no need to feel overwhelmed. There are well-renowned brands in the market that specializes and targets for chemical-free polishes for pregnant women. These polishes are completely safe for application and free of DBD and other toxic chemicals. Make sure you check the ingredient list or search for the pregnancy-safe nail polishes before making a purchase.

You should take care of yourself during your pregnancy. Maintaining hygiene of your nails and wearing comfortable shoes is necessary during this time. The weight increase during pregnancy is typical. Therefore, choosing light shoes will give you ample comfort.

What Are The Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Upgrading your wardrobe during pregnancy will remain unfinished if you just switch to comfy clothes and forget about your feet’ requirements. Owing to the biological changes in the body, women’s feet tend to swell up and grow large when they are pregnant.

Generally, this happens due to the hormonal changes and fluid buildup in the feet, which causes swelling and discomfort. Besides swelling, your current footwear may also stretch the ligaments causing severe back and foot pain. It is uncomfortable to put on and cannot even offer arch support.

Say No To Heals

Skip wearing heels for these nine months and own a pair of supportive, maternity footwear to make your life ten times easier. If you are worried about the looks of maternity shoes, whether they are fashionable or not, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

There are so many chic and comfortable shoes in the market specifically designed for pregnant women. The shoes for pregnancy come in different materials, colors, and sizes. So make sure you explore all the options as per your styling and fashion sense. They are affordable and easy to put on. Not only that, but it also retains moisture to keep the feet hydrated at all times.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and precious experiences for every woman. It is difficult as it takes a significant toll on the body, but you can always make the journey exciting and fun by implementing a few changes in your wardrobe and styling.