OPI Nails – The Product Of A Brand

Your hands do a lot for you throughout the day. It deserves only the best treatment that you can provide. This will make working or staying throughout the day a lot easier. To do this, you can have a hand spa or give your nails some TLC with one of the best nails supply available at the nearest salon or at home, if you prefer to DIY. One of your best options for some high-quality products would be from OPI nails supply.

OPI, A Classic Name In Nails Supply

OPI offers a huge array of exciting colors in gel, lacquer, and dip powder. The name has been in the industry for several decades now and has continuously provided top quality nail care and design products that have been among the top favorites of fashionistas and nailaholics.

OPI Gel Polish

OPI gel polish is one of the many product offerings that has been an all-time favorite for its incredible wear time (about four weeks), zero dry time (no need for UV lamps), and unbeatable shine (it does not chip as well).

Each color comes with an interesting name. Try Always Bare For Collection, and you will find some of the catchy polish labels available, like Baby, Take A Bow, Throw Me A Kiss, Bare My Soul, Engage-meant to Be, Ring Bare-er, and Chiffon-d of You.

OPI Dipping Powder

OPI’s dip powder is also one of a kind. There is a huge collection of shades to choose from:purples, nudes/neutrals, pinks, blues, and metallics. You will surely find one that will fit your mood or the occasion.

These dip powder comes with healthy ingredients, so every time a shade is applied on the nails, the powder can actually help the nails grow stronger and healthier. These quick drying powder nail coating also makes the nail chip-resistant. Once applied on the nails, it will stay glossy and rich in color until the time that a fresh polish is needed to be applied on the nails.That would be about a few more weeks after the first application of the polish on your nails.

OPI polishes are known for their ProWide brush. These brushes are designed for quicker and easier application. They are also known for their “green” formula. The brand is a Big 3 Free. This means that each formulation doesn’t contain DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene and formaldehyde.

OPI Supports Various Causes

OPI manufactures their products with the aim to supply quality nail care and design products which are now made available in salons, spas, and in online and local stores. To meet the quality standards they’ve set for each batch produced, they have dedicated a group of scientists to ensure the safety of the whole process. In addition to this, with each purchase of a bottle of OPI nail polish, you are contributing to different charities as they have partnered with other organizations also for marketing purposes.

Another OPI offering is their lacquers. You can choose from more than 200 shades to suit your preference. For the quality and variety of the products that OPI offers, it is the considered the color authority in the nail industry. It is known as peerless in quality.

Overall, the products that the company offers, Nail Polish and Powders, Nail Color, Nail Care, Professional Tools, Professional Marketing Tools, as well as items in their product lines packed as gifts, are astounding.

The company always strive to provide the best in product and service to their clients. As a top-quality brand, OPI has a global presence now that reaches to over 100 countries and counting.

OPI Colors That Lasts

For rich and vibrant hues that you can wear wherever you may be, and for a look that won’t fade, chip, or break, you can trust on OPI to be a great source of all your nail products needs. Whether it be lacquers, gel polish, or powder, the brand will never stop to amaze you with its high-quality offerings.

You can also try the gift sets available. With so many positive reviews about the products that the brand offers, you can never be wrong if you try one or more of the polish or tools that the company offers.

Are you ready to give OPI a try? Tell us what happens if you already did.