Why Gelixir Gel Soak-Off Gel Polish Is Becoming A Global Trend Today

Women have been using gel polish for a long time now. Gel polish has its merits and demerits. The most significant drawback of gel polish is that it entails prolonged exposure to UV light. Besides, gel polish manicures require extended soaking in acetone to remove the polish layers. Acetone, with its dehydrating qualities, can harm your nails and skin. Gel polish manicures need expertise on the part of the nail salon technician. Therefore, people started preferring alternatives like dipping powder manicures that do not require UV treatment.

Despite dipping powder manicures becoming more popular, people loved to have gel polish on their nails. Considering the drawbacks of gel polish, a novel type of gel polish, soak-off colors started becoming the trend. Here are some characteristics of Gelixir soak off gel polish colors and their benefits. This blog also discusses the reasons why soak-off gel polish has become the craze amongst women today.

Difference between Gel polish and Soak-off gel polish

The primary distinction between the two is that soak-off gel polish needs curing under UV light after each polish layer. The curing time is, however, less as compared to traditional gel polish.

Benefits of soak-off gel polish

Ultraviolet light dries the polish layer within a minute or two. Hence, there are no smudges and dents.

The soak-off gel polish lasts comfortably for up to three weeks.

There is no fear of chipping nails if you follow the correct procedure.

You can use Gelixir gel polish over your natural nails and your enhancements.

It is possible to change your color preference mid-manicure.

Drawbacks of soak-off gel polish

You require professional nail salon technicians to perform a soak-off gel polish manicure. It is a skillful job, not easy to master. However, with practice, you can do so. Hence, a soak-off gel polish manicure is an expensive proposition.

Soak-off gel polish is one of the easiest to remove. Soaking your gel Gelixir nails in acetone or nail polish remover solution for a few minutes helps remove the polish layer comfortably.

If you apply a dark shade, the nail growth will show. A lighter color can easily camouflage the nail growth and make it less apparent.

The soak-off gel polish procedure takes more time than the regular gel polish job. If you go for a lighter shade, a couple of layers will be sufficient. Darker hues need more coats to get the right color.

While getting your soak-off gel polish manicure, it is always advisable to use quality products like Gelixir soak-off gel polish colors. Sub-standard polish is available at inexpensive rates. You do not get a good finish when you use inferior materials for your nail manicure.

Why should you prefer a soak-off gel manicure?

Here are some specific reasons you should prefer a soak-off gel manicure rather than the traditional gel polish:

Soak-off gel polish lasts much longer than traditional nail manicures. They survive without chipping for three weeks and look as if you have just applied them.

You can apply soak-off gel polish directly on your natural nails and nail extensions. The process is simple.

The most significant benefit of soak-off gel polish manicure is that it dries quickly. Compared to the traditional gel polish manicures that require exposing your nails to UV light for more than three to four minutes, the soak-off gel layer dries within half a minute.

Compared to other conventional nail manicures, soak-off gel polish is less damaging for your nails.

Changing colors mid-way is easy. If you do not like a specific soak-off gel polish color, you can apply the traditional gel polish over the soak-off layer. You can remove the additional color easily using non-acetone nail polish removers.

Soak-off gel polish manicures allow you to get easy touch-ups. As your nail grows naturally, you witness a tiny gap at the bottom of the nail. You can quickly fill the gap with a soak-off gel polish of the same color.

Removing soak-off gel polish is convenient. You can traditionally remove the polish by soaking the nails in acetone. The procedure is simple, and you can do it yourself at home.

Nowadays, you get soak-off gel polish kits in the market. Using these ingredients, you can perform the manicure conveniently at home. However, you need practice to master the technique. Hence, it is advisable to seek the nail salon technician’s assistance.

Unlike acrylic nail polish, the soak-off gel polish does not emit any strong odor. The nail polish does not contain any toxic chemicals that can damage the nails.

Soak-off gel manicures look as impeccable as the regular gel polish jobs. The shine lasts for up to three weeks comfortably.


Now, you know the benefits of a sock-off gel polish manicure. If you are offered the choice between a regular nail manicure and a soak-off gel polish job, you know which one to choose.