Nail Colors You Can Try Out In 2022

The pandemic has changed everything, from how we work to how we look. The cosmetic sector has been affected badly as people stopped going to beauty parlors and nail salons for their beauty enhancements. However, it has caused an increase in people having their manicures at home. It is a good trend because it ensures people remain protected. At the same time, a nail manicure is not a challenging procedure to master. You get quality products like the SNS nail dipping kit, etc., to help.

Having a manicure at home is great, but it does not mean that you stack up hundreds of nail polish bottles in your home. Your SNS color chart can help you to choose the right color combinations that you can purchase online within no time.

We discuss some of the popular SNS colors for 2022 in this blog.

Best Nail Colors for 2022

The deep reds are making a grand comeback

With the winter season still on, the dark colors still hold sway. However, the spring season is approaching very fast. Therefore, you can have exciting combinations of deep reds and light pinks on your nails to phase out the winter season and welcome the spring. Besides, Valentine’s day is around the corner. Therefore, the pink and red shades have great demand during this season. So, you can move with the trend, sport these beautiful combos, and steal the limelight during the Valentine’s day party blasts.

Experiment with varying styles of the french manicure

The French manicure is one pattern that never goes out of fashion. You can experiment with different patterns throughout the year and keep surprising your friends with your creativity. Generally, women sport the white borders on the nail edges when they have a French manicure. However, you can be different and try out different shades, like the light blue edges over your chocolate brown nails. Your SNS color chart provides you with such exciting color combinations that can set up a new trend for others to follow.

The browns present excellent combination options

2022 saw the dark browns making a spirited recovery, especially during the winter. The dark browns go perfectly with the melancholy moods that people generally have in winter. However, you can spruce up your moods by adding a dash of gold colors at the base. The most exciting aspect of the deep brown or chocolaty shades is that they can be the ideal nudes for my sisters with tanned skin tones. The gold and brown combination is set to rule as the most popular nail polish combo this year. You get these combinations in your SNS color charts.

The dark navy blue colors have their charm

Blue colors can look heavenly on people with fair skin. Secondly, these dark navy blue shades match almost any attire you wear throughout the year. They are perfect for your partywear and your official attire. You can experiment with different shades of navy blue, depending on your skin tone. Gel polish and dipping powders are available with these blue shades. You can order your SNS nail dipping kit accordingly to include the navy blue shades in it. This blue shade is the perfect option to make a forceful fashion statement.

Try out the pink nudes for an elegant look

The nudes are the favorite of women globally because they match all attire and gel beautifully with their skin tones. When choosing the apt nude shade for your skin, the pinks are the most popular because they form the ideal base for all kinds of nail art designs. Nail color experts recommend the pinks or the milky nudes because they offer them excellent options to experiment. It explains why the SNS color chart has the maximum pink nude shades. So, if you prefer a clean and elegant look, very few colors can come close to the pink nudes. Hence, these shades are set to rule 2022.

The greens should be perfect for welcoming the spring

The spring season is approaching quickly. Hence, it is the right time to move away from the dark reds and the browns to the more holistic colors like the light greens. Spring is a colorful season, with the grass becoming greener and bright, sparkling flowers sprouting all over the place. Under such circumstances, the green shades on your nails would be perfect to be in tune with nature. You can customize your SNS nail dipping kit to include green shades. Now, you are ready to welcome the spring in its full glory.

Final Words

Choosing your favorite colors for 2022 should not be an issue anymore. We have discussed some excellent combinations that can set trends for people to follow. The SNS color chart contains all these shades. Besides, you can order your SNS nail dipping kit and customize it to include these beautiful and everlasting shades.