Top 10 Summer Makeup Tips For Women With Mature Skin

Have you ever wondered whether the makeup routine needs to be changed according to the season? While the summer season makes our skin oily, the winter can make it extremely dry. Hence, our makeup is easily removed in summer. In this article, we will explain the best summer makeup tips for women with mature skin.

Use Primer

Older women need to get an even skin tone. Hence, they should begin the makeup routine by applying primer. Their lighter-weight foundations will stay in place when they choose the best primer for mature skin.

You can also pick a tinted primer that can also work as a foundation and moisturizer. Make sure the primer can plump the skin and leave it nourished and beautiful. Most women nowadays look for primers with at least SPF 30.

Lighter Weight Foundation

Avoid applying powders or heavy cream foundations that can make your mature skin look unnatural. Instead, try to get a more natural appearance by applying a lightweight luminous formulation.

You should search for a liquid foundation that contains vitamins so that the skin tone appears even. If the foundation contains hyaluronic acid, then your skin will stay hydrated and moisturized.

Use a Foundation Brush

Don’t use a sponge to apply a foundation. A brush can give long-lasting results and makes the foundation blend well. You should particularly look for a foundation brush that works perfectly with liquid and cream makeup products.

Apply CC Cream

After applying foundation, you must apply CC cream because it gives a more natural appeal. While choosing a CC cream, one should make sure the product is made for their skin type.

For instance, if you have sensitive skin, then pick CC cream for sensitive skin. Don’t apply the CC cream right under the eye. You should apply and blend it properly on the top of the cheekbone. CC cream can hide any spot, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes.

Shape Natural Brows

To get perfectly shaped eyebrows, you have to use a brush to move the brows downwards. Make a line along the eyebrow line’s top. Then, use the brush to move eyebrows upward again.

Use an Eyeshadow

Women with mature skin should choose “cream to powder” eye shadow. Generally, eye shadows are available in several natural colors. Apply it on the lid for a longer-lasting result. Avoid extending the color beyond because it can give an unnatural and dramatic look. Moreover, you can appear tired when the eyeshadow is applied beyond the eye.

Choose the Right Mascara

If you want the eyelashes to appear full and lush, then don’t use lengthening and curling mascaras. Women with mature skin should choose a thickening formula.

Try Navy Blue

Those who wish their eyes to appear whiter should go with navy blue color eyeliner and mascara. Avoid using black mascara. You should look for mascaras that can provide a pop of color and flatter all eye colors. Generally, these mascaras are extremely affordable.

Use Highlighters Correctly

Avoid applying a highlighter pen as a concealer. You can use the highlighter pen on the outer and inner corners of the eyes. This process can make the eyes sparkle and light up your face.

Make Your Lips Voluptuous

You should begin by placing a bit of a highlighter above the lips. On the lip line’s outer edge, apply a natural color liner. Don’t apply on the inside edge of the lip line. Your lips will look fuller when the liner is applied to the outer edge. Moreover, your lipstick will stay on longer.


We hope now you understand the best summer makeup tips for women with mature skin. You don’t have to use this routine in winter because the skin changes every season, and the results will also be different. Make sure to choose products based on the type and tone of the skin.