The Most Reliable Makeup Routine for Oily Skin Type

Oily skin is extremely hard to tackle. It tends to produce a lot of sebum and sticky secretions. These not only ruin the health of your skin but also makes it quite difficult to apply makeup. The oily layer washes away the applied products and sometimes leaves unattractive patches on the skin. It may also cause acne and pimple breakouts.

People with oily skin complain that after doing makeup, it starts dripping out like sweat and ruins their entire effort. We brought to you a very simple and effective makeup routine for people with oily skin. This will not only help them control their oil production but will also allow their makeup to last all day long.

Makeup Routine for Oily Skin

How to prepare your skin for makeup

For oily skin, prepping your skin is an important step. First of all make sure your skin is completely clean. You can use a good cleanser to get rid of all the oil deposits. Wipes can also help you out in this regard. Using the best facial wipes for oily skin will be very helpful for you. Keep them with you so you can wipe out any excess oil whenever it is produced. These are effective in absorbing oil trapped in your skin cells. You will also need them at the end of the day to remove your makeup. So they are an essential requirement for oily skin.

Once your skin is completely clean, you can move on to the primer. Choose a mattifying plus hydrating primer. Apply it all over your face and let it sit for a while before applying makeup products. (more…)

The Beautiful Shades of OPI Gel and Nail Sets

OPI nail polish is one of the leading nail companies in the fashion industry. They are popularly known for their beautiful and long-lasting nail polishes. OPI nail polish is steps ahead of the regular polishes you use in rank. In addition, OPI nail polishes last three weeks without wearing off averagely.

OPI is also known for its excellent gel polishes. Gel polishes are similar to nail lacquers, but they produce a glossier finish than regular polishes. OPI means Odontorium Products Inc., which has its headquarters in California.

Beautiful Shades of OPI Gel and Nail Sets

OPI has different categories of products from their stalls. They manufacture nail care products generally. There are also some nail polish categories from OPI like OPI nail polish set, nail kits, duos, etc. Some of the classes are below.

OPI Gel and Lacquer Combo

OPI is known for its excellence in the products; some of the most purchased product categories from OPI are their Gel and Lacquer Combo, which is also called duos.

The combos are made of combinations of nail products you can use together to give your nails a vibrant look. The initiative behind these combos is to relieve customers of the stress of learning what product can be used with another product; the company already matched the right products together, and you can buy them to use.

OPI have various gel lacquer combos, here we will discuss the HRM which is quite popular:

Let’s take an elfie combo (HRM09)

The Let’s take an Elfie Combo is a matching set of gel color and nail lacquer that includes a bottle of OPI gelcolor and a bottle of OPI lacquer that the two bottles are 0.5 oz each. (more…)

Why Gelixir Gel Soak-off Gel Polish Is Becoming a Global Trend Today

Women have been using gel polish for a long time now. Gel polish has its merits and demerits. The most significant drawback of gel polish is that it entails prolonged exposure to UV light. Besides, gel polish manicures require extended soaking in acetone to remove the polish layers. Acetone, with its dehydrating qualities, can harm your nails and skin. Gel polish manicures need expertise on the part of the nail salon technician. Therefore, people started preferring alternatives like dipping powder manicures that do not require UV treatment.

Despite dipping powder manicures becoming more popular, people loved to have gel polish on their nails. Considering the drawbacks of gel polish, a novel type of gel polish, soak-off colors started becoming the trend. Here are some characteristics of Gelixir soak off gel polish colors and their benefits. This blog also discusses the reasons why soak-off gel polish has become the craze amongst women today.

Difference between Gel polish and Soak-off gel polish

The primary distinction between the two is that soak-off gel polish needs curing under UV light after each polish layer. The curing time is, however, less as compared to traditional gel polish.

Benefits of soak-off gel polish

Ultraviolet light dries the polish layer within a minute or two. Hence, there are no smudges and dents.

The soak-off gel polish lasts comfortably for up to three weeks.

There is no fear of chipping nails if you follow the correct procedure. (more…)

Treat Your Skin Right and Restore Its Elasticity and Beauty

I have seen girls who pay more attention to makeup and glam. They do not care about the health of the skin. With the passage of time, the health of skin starts to deteriorate. It begins losing its charm and starts looking dull. The elasticity of the skin is lost and it becomes saggy. Mostly because of overuse of makeup products or exposure to chemicals, skin becomes unattractive after some time. These things should not be ignored. Proper care of skin is necessary to keep it young and fresh. For example, use of products like collagen creams for body will help you in keeping your skin elastic and rigid. You can use a number of such products to treat your skin the way it deserves. Here are few instructions about how to take proper care of your skin. Don’t miss out these essential skin care steps.

Treat Your Skin Right and Restore Its Elasticity and Beauty

Skin care routine you must adopt

Different people have different skin care routines according to their preferences. For getting a perfectly beautiful skin, your skin care routine should contain the following steps.

Every morning when you wake up, firstly cleanse your skin with a suitable cleanser. Always choose products that are gentle on the skin. Either your skin is sensitive or not, it should be treated with great care. Massage carefully on the entire face and let the impurities come out of the skin cells.

After that, apply a nourishing serum on your face. This must contain all the necessary components that are required by your skin. A formulation containing vitamins and minerals is the ideal one. (more…)

Best Numbing for Tattoos – Which One Is Reliable to Keep the Tattooing Painless?

The unbearable pain from tattoo needles is no joke. Even if it’s your tenth time getting a tattoo, the process is going to be as painful as it was for the first time. There are plenty of tattoo numbing measures to make the experience a little less horrifying. If you ask about the best product for numbing tattoo pain, the anesthetics provided at hospitals are by far the most effective. Since you can’t get them without a prescription, an over-the-counter purchase of a similar product would work well too.

Here are the list of 5 best numbing products for tattoo which you should consider for yourself.

Base Labs Soothing Menthol Numbing Spray For Tattoo

Amazon best-selling product B08DX774K4

This item contains 4% Lidocaine and works effectively for numbing pain caused during tattooing, waxing, or piercing. You will be able to reach a peak in less than 5 minutes, and the effect will last for a minimum of one hour. Perfect to use for shadowing tattoo pain; it can be used both before and after the process.

The inexpensive bottle does not implicate any side effects to sensitive skin and is suitable for any gender. As this tattoo numbing spray does not require any complex application method, you can easily use it anywhere.

Dr. Numb Anaesthetic Soap For Numbing Tattoo Pain

Amazon best-selling product B07JJK3L16

Formulated for immediate action, this soap will help in blocking the nerve signal with single usage. Infused with anti-bacterial properties, it will also work as a disinfecting wash. If you are fed up with the greasy and messy pigments, this product is a solution for all your worries.

The foaming soap is a multipurpose product and works well for piercing, tattoo, waxing, microblading, etc. The best part is, you can use this soap for aftercare as well. (more…)

Top 5 Best Medical Device: Portable Health Gadgets That Can Change Your Life

In the ever – running busy world, we tend to prioritize a lot of things that matter to our socio-economic life, but what about health and wellness? How often do we run to hospitals for thorough check-ups? How much time can we spare for such visits? The solution to all these problems is portable health gadgets. These devices would help you monitor your health and encourage you to adopt the necessary lifestyle changes. Here are some medical devices you can buy to monitor your health regularly:

Mibest OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter, O2 Meter

Amazon best-selling product B07BNZ2Z41

Providing convenience and ease of use, this Pulse Oximeter is a terrific device for accurate measurements of your blood oxygen saturation. The dual color oximeter is suitable for all ages and comes ready right out of the box. With just the insertion of a finger in the device, you can get an accurate reading in no time.

Featuring an easily readable OLED screen, the product offers a sleek design that is easy to carry. If you are a mountain climber, biker, trainer, aviator, or sports enthusiast, this portable device can change your life and save a lot of time. In the difficult times of Covid-19, this is a must-buy tool.

Bionette Pocket Electronic Hayfever Allergy Relief Treatment Device

Amazon best-selling product B00E96074U

This small, simple, wireless Intranasal Light Therapy Machine is a low-cost way to relieve yourself from Allergic Rhinitis, Hay Fever, cold, flu, or Sinusitis symptoms. You can fit this lightweight tool in your pocket and use it anywhere, anytime for a very long period.

Intranasal Light Therapy is a scientifically proven method and can significantly reduce your symptoms without any pain or side effects. If you are looking for an inexpensive, less time-consuming treatment method for your intranasal problems, this is the best intranasal light therapy machine for you. (more…)

Fashion Essentials for Pregnant Women

Styling yourself or getting a makeover during pregnancy sounds like a fun activity for most women. Painting the nails for hours can be relaxing, but who would have thought that something as negligible as nail polish can have consequential effects on you during your pregnancy.  Researchers have found that nail polishes contain certain harmful chemicals that are deemed to be unsafe for the fetus growing inside you. It is not worth taking the risk. So let us help you guide through a few essentials you must know to provide yourself a happy & safe pregnancy.

nail polish for pregnant

Which Nail Polish Safe for Use?

Most nail polishes in the market are formulated with three toxic chemicals- Dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene. Exposure to these chemicals for an extended period can cause irreversible effects on you and your fetus. Starting from headaches, itchy eyes to reproductive issues, the adverse effects are endless. Now let’s discuss how each of the chemicals could be harmful to you.

1. Dibutyl Phthalate – Most commonly known as DBD, this specific chemical have shown to cause improper hormonal production in women. Additional studies have confirmed that DBD has a potential impact on miscarriage and other congenital disabilities.

It is highly recommended to avoid anybody’s product that contains DBD in their ingredient list.

2. Formaldehyde – The risks of exposure to formaldehyde include spontaneous miscarriages, gestational diabetes, preterm deliveries, and many more. It is for the best to stay away from such products, especially during the perinatal period of pregnancy.

3. Toluene – exposure to toluene during pregnancy can cause growth and mental disabilities in the baby. Other health effects include liver and kidney damage, reproductive malfunctioning, irregular heartbeat, or even death.

We understand your concern, and there is no need to feel overwhelmed. There are well-renowned brands in the market that specializes and targets for chemical-free polishes for pregnant women. These polishes are completely safe for application and free of DBD and other toxic chemicals. Make sure you check the ingredient list or search for the pregnancy-safe nail polishes before making a purchase. (more…)

Elegant Nail Designs with Rhinestones, Pearls, Gem Etc. Using DND DC Dipping

Many think that shoes or bags is the best accessories that completes an ensemble but not many people know that true accessorization lies at your fingertips, as in the literal fingers. If frequent social media, you know very well that we are talking about nail gems. Neck and ears are no longer the parts of the body that can be tastefully adorned by diamonds, aside from the finger nails can be designed with diamonds too. If you don’t like showcasing expensive bags and shoes, then nails diamonds is the perfect way to show off your style without appearing obnoxious.

Nail gem art is trending in social media and women are going bonkers with it. Rhinestones will instantly glam up your nails. These sparkly little gems come in all different shapes, sizes and colors so the designs that can be created are endless. Here are some of the designs that you can recreate on your own.

Blue Abstract Rhinestone Nail Art

Blue nail looks very elegant on its own but adding some rhinestone on it will surely cause the hell to break loose. A gorgeous blue nail accented with stones will surely make your and other people’s jaw drop and it is very easy to recreate using any shade of blue. Blue nails using DND DC nails and silver stones combined is a sure hit cool look. (more…)

OPI Nails – The Product of A Brand

Your hands do a lot for you throughout the day. It deserves only the best treatment that you can provide. This will make working or staying throughout the day a lot easier. To do this, you can have a hand spa or give your nails some TLC with one of the best nails supply available at the nearest salon or at home, if you prefer to DIY. One of your best options for some high-quality products would be from OPI nails supply.

OPI, A Classic Name In Nails Supply

OPI gel

OPI offers a huge array of exciting colors in gel, lacquer, and dip powder. The name has been in the industry for several decades now and has continuously provided top quality nail care and design products that have been among the top favorites of fashionistas and nailaholics. (more…)

Start by Starting

It took me a long time to get to the place where I can admit this without shame: I am a lazy person. Getting motivated and staying motivated is easily my biggest challenge (anybody there with me?). I have tried so (so so so so) many of the “motivational strategies,” but none of them ever seem to stick long term for me. The sirens call of my couch is like really strong.

I know what you’re thinking, “yea, Melissa…couches are wonderful, but can you get to the point?” (I’m getting there I promise).

My point is this: any strategy that you use to motivate yourself has to be tailor fit to you as a person, because all of our brains work a little different. It has seriously taken me all 30 years of my life to figure that out.

When it comes into creating new habits for myself there are a few things that are crucial in making them stick: consistency, accountability, and starting right now.

If you want a habit to truly become a habit it has to feel like second nature, that’s where consistencycomes in. In the first few weeks of a new endeavor I have to give myself a no-way-out-clause. There is no such thing as “I don’t feel like it.” I know thats strange coming from me, because I’m typically pretty outspoken about doing what feels right. (more…)